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Monday, January 30, 2012

Why The Rest of The World Can Shit Out Smarter Turds Than the Average Young American

Society Sucks.

I’m staring at a girl with bad roots, bright blue eyes shadow ALL OVER her lids, and fake boobs.  And she thinks she’s pretty.  It’s kind of cute, actually…watching the ugly duckling pretend to be the swan…

I am not a nice person.  I judge people…and I often don’t censor what I say or think.  If you can’t handle it…my apologies, but  not much is going to change.  After my last post I received an angry set of text messages calling me unbelievable and I’m sure there was other names…I just skimmed it.  BUT in the spirit of fun, I deleted the part of the blog that had set this person off…doubt it will make a difference. But hey…at least I made an effort to be moderately nice. 

I don’t know why this person was reading it, when they so clearly disagree with me…isn’t that like a Christian willingly going to a gay wedding? I mean…if you’re so against the message, don’t walk into the trouble.  But whatever.

Sorry…I got sidetracked. On to what I was going to talk about.

Last blog I talked about a 14 year old who killed herself.  Okay…she didn’t actually commit suicide, but her retarded actions pretty much sealed the deal.   Today, I talk about why we suck, and rant about the terrible idea of encouraging stupidity.

Take blue eye shadow girl for example.  She think she’s hot, sexy, and desirable in her too-tight jeans, Hollister shirt, and bad dye job.  And maybe to some men she is. (I know there’s gotta be at least one guy at this University who has a clown fetish).  But to the rest of us slightly normal people…she just looks funny. But she doesn’t SEE it.  Because if she cracks her gum loud enough, and displays JUST enough cleavage to distract us from the fugliness in the face…she wins.

Jersey Shore taught her this. I’d place money on it.  Just like Jersey Shore has also created an army of douche bags, whores, and drunks…and tells them it’s OKAY to be so.  Because, hey…if you’re an over-tanned, stupidly tattooed, loud, obnoxious, drunk guy with dumb hair…someone will give you a TV show. AND PAY YOU TO PARTY! OMG like holy shit, yo!  And then you can parade your bedazzled jeans around and say things like “Yo, that bitch is a grenade!” (whatever that means) and totally be accepted into the stupid people society!

Can you tell I hate that show?  I wish Snookie would get run over by a fucking bus.  

Because Jersey Shore tells impressionable young people that it’s okay to get raging drunk, puke at a club, wear dresses that barely cover your ass, and fight bitches in parking lots.  And this is why we have Ed Hardy clothing, bedazzlers, and STDs.

Here’s two shows that I don’t mind watching…but it bothers me anyways.  16 and Pregnant, and Teen Mom.  I don’t mind watching them because I want children…and watching those whores gives me comfort in the fact that I’ll be a better, mature, more responsible parent when I finally have children, and can AFFORD to give them a good life.  That show bothers me because teen pregnancies have become far too common, and we don’t treat them with the right attitude.  People talk about their teenage pregnant acquaintences like it’s no big deal.  Like there shouldn’t be any concern for the amount of girls having sex at a remarkably young age, and not using protection.  Because Teen Mom makes it COOL to be so young and stupid. 

I was at the dollar store the other day, and a girl in front of me was buying plates and napkins with “IT’S A GIRL” plastered all over them.  She couldn’t of been any older than 15…and she was clearly preggers…and SO excited for her baby shower.  She was talking to, what I could only assume to be the dad (a big, dumb looking white guy thug).  “I can’t wait to have the baby shower so I can get all the shit we can’t afford.”  That’s what she said to him.  And I snorted.  I couldn’t help it. It was ridiculous.  But her next line made it even better.  “How long until I can start drinking after she’s born?”  And the guy replied “dunno, babe…I think it’s like a week or so. Depends on how much blood you lose.” 

                HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.  How fucking hysterical is that?!

If my daughter comes home at 16, pregnant, I’m going to punch her in the uterus. 

But it’s not just Jersey Shore and Teen Mom which show a clear decline in thinking…it’s our education system too.

American society doesn’t ENCOURAGE excellence.  We’ve become a nation of idiots.  We idolize athletes, but fuck over the sciences.  You’re not cool if you’re smart, and you’re not accepted if you think.  We don’t want thinkers…no no no no no. We want a nation of zombies to better spread our products too. If we say buy, we want them to buy…not think about it! 

SO how do we make zombies?
Give reading lists to the high schoolers that aren’t “too challenging”.  See what I wrote here about that. And never actually test them on stuff they’ll actually need to know.  Fund the football team that loses, but neglect the science wing that pumps out geniuses.  I came across a few high schoolers who had no idea how many Kilograms were in a gram…because “there’s no need to know that shit”. 

Time warner cable gave us a Japanese channel for a while.  And on said channel, there was a kids show that popped up, teaching kids English.  But it wasn’t how we have Dora the Explorer.  No…these Japanese kids were like…counting and speaking full sentences in English. And the ENTIRE program was in English.  Not just a few words. 

It made Dora look like an idiot.

But then again, looking at who we elect, what we buy, what we watch, and how we manage things…we’ve become Dora…and the rest of the world is going to eat us alive.


  1. An acquaintance of mine thinks that all stupid people should marry other stupid people and they should only be allowed to have one child. Eventually stupid will die out.